SPECIAL REPORT: The Future of Democracy and the Erosion of Freedom – Part 2 Centralized Banking and Digital Currencies

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The push for centralized banking and digital currencies (CBDCs) represent a significant shift in the financial landscape of the twenty-first century. This move, while promising efficiency and security improvements, introduces pivotal considerations regarding control, privacy, and the autonomy of individual economic actors. At the heart of this trend is the desire of central authorities to […]

Top 5 Biggest Online Scams To Watch Out For In 2022

top five scams to watch for 2022 - privacywe

Scams. We’re only half-way through 2022 and your privacy is already more at risk than ever before as a spate of new and old online scams are on the rise. While the Internet is a valuable resource of information, great conveniences, and fantastic entertainment, it can also be a major source of potential harm and […]