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How Governments Are Stripping Away Your Right To Privacy – What You Need To Know

October 9, 2023

Protect your right to privacy! Learn about how governments are stripping away...

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young-girl-looking-through-blind - police surveillance - privacywe

5 Life-Saving Tips to Avoid Police Surveillance

August 21, 2023

Stay informed and take steps to protect yourself against police surveillance. Learn...

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who is edward snowden 2 - privacywe

Who Is Edward Snowden?

September 26, 2022

Note: We have tried our best to provide accurate and factual information...

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roe vs wade privacy issues - privacywe

Roe vs Wade: The United States Supreme Court And The Big New Risks To Your Privacy

July 4, 2022

To say the Roe vs Wade abortion argument is a highly charged,...

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transhumanisn is about to destroy humanity

Why Cognitive Enhancement Transhumanism Is A Dangerous Threat To Privacy and Humanity

December 8, 2021

Cognitive Enhancement Transhumanism is a growing movement that wants to change humanity...

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Legislation and Policy covers laws and regulations related to data privacy and protection. In today’s digital age, personal data is constantly being collected and shared, and it is essential to understand how laws and regulations impact our online activities. This category focuses on current data protection laws, government surveillance policies, and corporate data collection policies, providing updates on the latest developments in the privacy landscape.

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