Thousands Of Companies, Goverments, Police Agencies, & Activtists Know EVERYTHING About You!

Your privacy is at stake! Your secrets, your private life … it’s all up for grabs and are being tracked, collected and shared by thousands of companies, police and law enforcement agencies, government agencies, hackers and cyber criminals, social justice warriors, and activists around the world.

Whether you know it or not, your life has been changed forever and you are at risk.

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You Are Being Tracked Right Now!

THEY KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU: Identity, Family, Friends, Work, Financials, Health, Education, Politics, Location, Travel, Religion, Sex, Habits, Interests, Preferences, Buying, Subscriptions, and so much more – everything.

Just by simply LANDING on a web page just like this one, even for a the smallest moment, your privacy is at stake and you’ve given up important private and confidential information that reveals your true identity and everything imaginable about you.

... In less time than it takes for you to blink an eye, we know more about you than you do about yourself ...

Baris Gultekin - Google Founder & Product Lead

Anonymous Users

Visting a website anonymously through Incognito, Privacy Mode and Proxies will NOT protect you!

Patterns & Friends

AI and ML is used to search massive amounts of data to identify your patterns, family, friends, and behaviors.

Activity History

Visiting a website exposes your entire digital life: across websites, social networks, apps and more.

Your Location

Your country, city, geographic position (where you are sitting right now), time zone and ISP  are instantly known.


The most advanced, cutting edge technologies are being used to identify you, your city, home, time zone, and ISP. These technologies can figure out who you are with 90% accuracy even if you’re using Incognito, Privacy Mode, or visiting Anonymously.

Your digital devices are exposing your activities, surfing habits, shopping behaviors, historical behaviors and activies (even the ones you’ve erased!).

And by using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, they can search billions of social media accounts and pages to find your family, friends, colleagues, and anyone else you’ve ever talked to … and build a massive identification and behavioral profile on you!

Courtesy of our friends at FingerprintJS

Don’t worry, we’re the Good Guys and you’re safe here on our site.

Your Private And Personal Data:

Why Do They Want It And What Do They Do With It?

There are many reasons governments, policing agencies, businesses, social justice warriors, hackers, cyber criminals, and activists use to justify a claim on your privacy and private data. But how many of them are legitimate and acceptable to you?

Read the many art

Here’s a short list of some of the evil things governments, businesses, social activists, and law enforcement are able to do with your private data:

“Big Tech” companies sell, rent and trade your confidential information to marketing companies, governments, campaigners, police agencies and more. And they make A LOT of money from it. Google earns over $150 Billion every year from selling your information to advertisers. Facebook earns over $25 per user by selling their private and personal data to marketers and advertisers.

Governments, police agencies, and businesses take advantage of your habits and behaviors, surveille people, customers, employees and even competitors. They use it to punish or reward, or to tailor services and products on an individual level. Eat too many candy-bars? Pay more for your health insurance.  Speak out or disagree with the government? Your bank accounts will be seized, your citizenship revoked, and you could even face jail time. Looking for another job? Your employer just might fire you.

Social justice warriors and activists “dox” and steal private personal data. They use it to harrass and shame victims, cancel them, get them fired from their jobs, or otherwise cause harm for not conforming to a specific ideology.

78.9% Of All Internet Users Have Lost Control Of Their Private Data

A victim of privacy invasion struggles with data and identification theft

In a recent global survey, more than four in five Internet users reported they’ve lost control of their personal and private data to the companies and government agencies that have collected them.

Most of the participants regretted accepting the privacy risks in exchange for the conveniences offered. The large majority also reported they were worried about identity theft, fraud, government overreach, and the invasion of privacy by police agencies.

51% Of All Internet Users Have Been Harassed Or Threatened

Social justice warriors, activists and cyber-stalkers exploit and steal your private personal data to threaten, harass, or even physically attack their victims. They steal personal information, social security numbers, banking data and credit card details.

Younger users, 13 to 24 years old, are less careful and aware about the consequences of privacy risks. They are more likely to post sensitive personal information on social networks, or share private media with complete strangers.

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A Global Ideological Shift Is Putting Your Privacy At Risk

Governments, health agencies, law enforcement agencies, big businesses, social media companies, social justice warriors, and even hackers are after your private, personal, and confidential data!

They use it to advertise to you, study you, steal from and victimize you, investigate, persecute and prosecute you, and to “cancel” you from woke society. Even a simple, unintentional misstep can put your career, reputation, and family at dire risk.

And worse yet, your private and personal information can be weaponized against you.

Your unprotected personal data online footprint massive. It’s much larger than you could possibly imagine. It reveals volumes of information about you. What you do, how you do it, when you do it, where you do it, why you do it, who you do it with, what you say, and even what you think.

identity protection is a global issue and a basic human right

Your private personal data are even being used to predict your future thoughts, actions, and behaviours with near 100% accuracy. Privacy is a fundamental, basic human right and you need to protect it if you want to keep it.

Three small pieces of information are all that’s needed to reveal your identity with up to 93.7% accuracy.

Once you’ve been identified, you can be controlled, manipulated, held accountable, harassed, victimized, persecuted, attacked, stalked, bribed, tricked, gaslighted, or fall victim to anything else that Bad Actors like to do.

Your Unprotected Privacy & Anonymity
Exposes You To:

protect your privacy from cancel culture

Woke Culture & Social Media

Activists are fast to point infractions or offenses, whether intended or not. The consequences of a wrong or misspoken word can be devastating.

protect your privacy from unlawful government and police snooping

Government & Police Overreach

A global ideological shift is seeing private and personal information weaponized against individuals and groups, used to unjustly persecute and prosecute.

protect your online privacy from cancel culture


Social justice warriors take justice into their own hands and attack without due process or care. They take great zeal and joy canceling and destroying lives.

protect your privacy and identity from hackers and cybercriminals

Hackers &

Hackers steal and rob from you. They trick, coerce, or hijack your medical, financial, employment and other information for their personal gain … at your expense.

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Privacy Is A Basic & Fundamental Human Right

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