Why Privacy Is Important

Times are changing fast and your privacy and anonymity are at stake! Westernized governments are shifting toward authoritarian ideologies. Governments are demanding greater control over our daily and personal lives. As a result, electronic surveillance is more pervasive and invasive than ever before.

Privacy Is Almost Gone In Canada - Your Country Is Next

The Canadian government is reaching deep into the private lives of citizens. Everything is up for grabs. If it’s private, the government wants it. Digital and online lives are being tracked on an unfathomable scale.

Dissension and undesired behaviors are no longer tolerated. For this reason, citizens face persecution, prosecution, and cancelation for stepping out of line.


Anonymity is on the chopping block with new laws against it.

And whatever you do, do not dare speak out against your ruling party’s policies.

You don’t live in Canada? No problem! We’ve got you covered too. The list of “used to be free” countries is growing and I promise yours is next.


New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, and the United States to name a few.

Almost every Westernized nation is being affected. If you live in any of the western countries, you need to be aware and wary.

Pay attention! If you don’t take control of your digital privacy and anonymity immediately, you won’t get another chance.

Privacy Is A Human Right

What used to be minor missteps are now serious crimes.

Support an unpopular cause and they will convict you as a terrorist. They will seize your property and bank accounts. Employers will fire you from your job. The government will restrict or end your freedoms. All without notice.

And all without issuing formal charges either. You won’t receive a trial in court. Besides, courts are inconvenient with all their annoying “laws” and stuff. Forget about defending yourself.

Don’t believe me? Look up Canada’s Freedom Convoy. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau takes great zeal in demonizing his dissenters. He tasked his military to spy and report on 30 million citizens. This reinforces the dire need for anonymity and privacy.

The Freedom Convoy is a horrifying example of an authoritarian regime’s extreme anger. Over what? A simple protest like any other. It’s an example where something acceptable and legal today becomes a crime Ex Post Facto.

Constitutions and Human Rights Charters are being torn up or ignored. Western countries are under threat of a shift in political ideology and “wokeness.”

You Are Your Own Biggest Privacy Threat


You are the biggest threat to your privacy. Simple mistakes can be costly.

How you, your family, and friends approach privacy is critical. A casual attitude towards privacy won’t pass muster. Privacy and anonymity are a right that you have to defend and fight for. You’re either all in, or you’re all out. There is no middle ground anymore. If you’re all out, you will get what you ask for. Don’t complain later.

Governments, law enforcement, corporations, and social justice warriors want your data. In brief, they’ll go to any length to get it.

You need to stop them stone-cold in their tracks while you can. And the only way to do it is by protecting and fighting for your rights.

Take Control of Your Digital Online Life

It is important to realize there are volumes of your confidential data online already. Your data is easy enough to find. Anyone with a few moments to spare can find it.

To take control of your digital online life you will need to remove it for good. You will need to fix your presence on social media networks and your favorite websites. Above all, you will have to become more difficult to track and surveil.

Think of it this way. To take control of your digital online life, you will have to blend into the digital crowd. Basically, become a digital nobody, visible only to those you trust.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp; all reveal sensitive personal information about you. Each betrays your privacy to stalkers, cyberbullies, and internet vigilantes. Above all, they betray your privacy to marketers, scammers, and crime.

Cancel Culture and Safe Social Networking

The woke cancel-culture is hard at work to shut down anyone who doesn’t toe the popular narrative. They are swift, ruthless, and relentless. As has been seen, their goal is to destroy your life in every possible way.

Why? Because you did or said something online that made them mad. You most likely won’t even know you did it until it’s way too late. Unfortunately, theirs is a moving target, one which you cannot predict. With this in mind, what is okay today might be criminal after the fact tomorrow.

Privacy and anonymity are critical to your online survival in today’s digital world.

Privacy And Anonymity Are Critical


Free speech is at critical risk of extinction. Propaganda and agenda-biased narratives are the new old-thing. Governments are shifting towards authoritarianism. Police and militaries are being used to surveil and track ordinary people like you and me.

What you say and do online is being used against you. You might be safe today, but not tomorrow.

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