Why Cognitive Enhancement Transhumanism Is A Dangerous Threat To Privacy and Humanity

Cognitive Enhancement Transhumanism is a growing movement that wants to change humanity using science and technology. The idea started in the 1960s and has since become a popular belief. Transhumanists think we should make ourselves smarter, stronger, faster, and more durable to overcome our current limitations. They believe that using science to get rid of our weaknesses is better than trying to fix or improve them.

However, this could be a big problem for humanity. The movement encourages people to accept combining artificial intelligence with human biology, without considering the possible dangers.

Let’s take a look at the early-stage impacts Transhumanism is going to have on humanity, what it means to be human, and society as a whole.

End User Agreements

When was the last time you actually read the User Terms of Service? And did you even understand what you were reading and agreeing to?

Do you really own the digital content you buy from popular providers like Amazon, Spotify, Apple, Adobe, Microsoft, or others?



The answer is no. You only have a license to use the content under very strict rules. You might “have it,” but you don’t “own it.” There is a big difference.


For example, Tesla car owners do not have complete control over their cars. Tesla’s End User Agreement limits how and who can use the vehicle, and even the car’s maintenance is highly regulated.

Using special technologies, companies can control how their technology is used, who can use it, and even when and where it can be used. They can also collect lots of information about you, track your movements, and share information with the government or police. All of this can happen without your permission or knowledge.

In the future, understanding End User Agreements will be very important as we get closer to transhumanism and using implanted technology in our bodies and brains.

What Is Transhumanism?


Transhumanism is a belief that promotes using technology to improve human thinking and create a better human experience. It focuses on the idea that humans can improve themselves by using scientific advancements.

Transhumanists think that our biology is not a limit and that we should try to go beyond our current biological limits. They often argue that there are ethical and scientific benefits to improving our thinking, like better memory and thinking skills.

On the other hand, people against transhumanism often focus on the possible dangers of improving our thinking. They are worried that this technology could be misused by people or companies in ways that harm society.

Transhumanist Philosophies

Transhumanism is a wide-ranging belief, and it is hard to define exactly. It is the idea that humans can change themselves by using science and technology.

There are two main types of transhumanist beliefs: those that support mental augmentation and those that support physical enhancement.

Mental augmentation is the idea that humans can become smarter and more creative through science and technology. Transhumanists focus on improving the human mind by developing drugs and devices that can boost thinking.

Physical enhancements involve improving the body’s natural abilities. This can include increasing strength, speed, or learning capacity, and even extending human life.

Some transhumanists believe that the most important goal is to create a “super-human” person.

Cognitive Enhancement And Mental Augmentation

Cognitive enhancement means improving one’s natural thinking abilities. This can be done through drugs, surgeries, training, and other methods.

The goal of cognitive enhancement is to increase the brain’s processing power, expand intelligence, and improve memory.

Mental augmentation is a specific type of cognitive enhancement that uses science and technology to improve the human mind. Each person’s mind is unique, so the methods used to improve it are also unique.

Cognitive enhancement is often seen as less dangerous than mental augmentation, as it does not try to create people with extreme mental abilities. However, the two ideas are often confused and treated as the same.

The Need For Individual Control Over Advanced Technology

Cognitive enhancement is sometimes presented as the way to a better world, where we are smarter, live longer, and stay healthy. But to achieve this, transhumanists argue, we need to take full control of our brains using advanced technology. This way, we can make sure our progress isn’t stopped by other people misusing technology.

Having control over technology is important for avoiding the dangers of cognitive enhancement. This is because cognitive enhancement is a powerful tool that can be misused.


For example, a criminal could use cognitive enhancement to become smarter or have a better memory, giving them an advantage in crime. Worse, a criminal could use cognitive enhancement to control your brain and use you for their benefit.


Or a person could use cognitive enhancement to become very selfish, ignoring their responsibility to society.

Artificial Intelligence: The Dark Side Of Cognitive Enhancement

The rapid development of artificial intelligence has created a great deal of excitement and optimism within the transhumanist community. Artificial intelligence is often presented as the ultimate achievement and panacea of the scientific method, and the potential for AI to become “self-aware” or “sentient” is often discussed as a beneficial potential outcome.


However, many anti-transhumanists are deeply concerned about the potential dangers of artificial intelligence. Many fear that AI could indeed become self-aware and take over the human, causing humanity to become obsolete.

Ray Kurzweil and others have cautioned that the exponential advancements in computer technology, artificial intelligence, and machine learning could result in AI becoming God-like and evolving beyond our capability to understand or even recognize it.

Others are concerned about the possibility that AI could develop unwanted emotions or evolve beyond our ability to predict it. Many in the anti-transhumanist community advocate for restrictions on the development of AI. However, many others reject such restrictions, arguing that we have nothing to fear.

The Danger Of Cognitive Enhancement And Mental Augmentation

The danger of cognitive enhancement is that it could be misused to create superhumans that are more intelligent but also more dangerous.


Additionally, cognitive enhancement could be used to create more powerful weapons, more dangerous AI, or even turn humans into weapons.

A person who has become cognitively enhanced may not only become smarter but might lose their empathy towards others.

The danger of mental augmentation is that it could create a new type of person who is less human and more like a machine.

A person who has become mentally augmented might lose their sense of empathy, guilt, and compassion. They could also become more aggressive and less caring towards other living beings.

Who Owns Your Body and Brain?

My body, my choice. But is it?

Will End User Agreements give unfettered access and control of your body and brain to unscrupulous corporations or governments?

The bioethics community and anti-transhumanists believe a person has the freedom and every right to decide what they can do with their bodies, regardless of the scenario.

They believe nobody can take your body without simultaneously taking your life.

It’s obvious that you won’t own the digital implants, biological advancements, medications, or medical treatments; instead, someone else will. Does this mean your body and mind will become a part of their intellectual property and technology? Where does their definition of posthuman begin and the human-you end?

And, as with current software and hardware, users do not own the program or gadget, but rather have the license to use it.

When Tesla ends support on your new Model S, you’ll have no alternative except to trade it in or park it in the garage forever.

What happens if your embedded implant technology is no longer supported by a biotech or pharmaceutical company? What happens if they demand it back? What happens if they don’t like you or what you do?


What happens if they decide to hold the posthuman for ransom and bring an end to you, the human?

What happens when “they” decide to end your support?

Stop the Planet, I Want to Get Off!

Cognitive enhancement Transhumanism is a genuine and severe threat to mankind. The creation of a human super race has been tried several times throughout history, with horrible disastrous results each time.

What makes us believe things will be different this time?

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