SPECIAL REPORT: The Future of Democracy and the Erosion of Freedom – Part 1 The Trend Toward Authoritarianism

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In the contemporary conversation of global politics, Western nations stand at a pivotal juncture, where democracy is under threat of authoritarianism, witnessing a pronounced shift in their political landscapes towards ideologies reminiscent of social Marxism, often referred to euphemistically by its critics as a modern interpretation of communism. This movement, characterized by its emphasis on […]

Why Privacy Is Important

why privacy is important

Times are changing fast and your privacy and anonymity are at stake! Westernized governments are shifting toward authoritarian ideologies. Governments are demanding greater control over our daily and personal lives. As a result, electronic surveillance is more pervasive and invasive than ever before. https://youtu.be/q4sqQGnjuYw Privacy Is Almost Gone In Canada – Your Country Is Next […]