Short: 7 Life Saving Features Of The Session Messaging App!

Session Messaging App - 1 Minute Articles

These are seven, no … Nine! life saving features of the Session messaging app:

Number One – End to End Encryption
All communications are encyrpted on the device and decrypted by the recipient’s device.

Number Two – No Phone Numbers
Session uses unique IDs instead of phone numbers to create accounts.

Number Three – No Data Breaches
Decentralization means attacks and hacks are almost impossible.

Number Four – No Digital Footprints
The app strips out all metadata, and leaves no footprints or fingerprinting.

Number Five – Open Source Software
Open source means no backdoors and regular community-based audits.

Number Six – Censorship Resistant
Authoritarian governments cannot ban or censor session.

Number Seven – Encrypted Group Chats
Closed group chats are end-to-end encyrpted and support up to 100 members.

Number Eight – Encrypted File Attachments
File attachments are encrypted, just like any other message.

Number Nine – Onion Routing
Layers of servers strip metadata as it goes.

Freedom of Privacy … is a basic and fundamental human right. You have to keep fighting to keep it.

You can download Session or learn more about it here:

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