Cell Phone Anonymity: 5 Tips For Cell Phone Privacy

Cell Phone Anonymity - 5 Tips For Cell Phone Privacy - privacywe

The concept of true anonymity might seem like a relic of the past. But when it comes to cell phone anonymity, reclaiming some control over your digital footprint is more important than ever. So, what exactly is cell phone privacy, and why should you care? Put simply, it’s about minimizing the amount of personal data […]

The Dark Side of Mobile App Safety: Exploring 5 Dangerous, Offensive, and Controversial Apps

The Dark Side of Mobile App Safety - 5 Dangerous, Offensive, and Controversial Apps -- privacywe

The mobile app industry has witnessed unprecedented growth, evolving into a dynamic landscape that caters to various needs and desires of users worldwide. From productivity tools to entertainment apps, the possibilities seem endless. However, amidst the glittering success stories, a darker side emerges – a realm where developers venture into uncharted territories, creating applications that […]

10 Easy Cell Phone Security Steps To Keep Secure From Spies

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Stay one step ahead of the spies! Learn 10 easy steps to keep your cell phone secure from prying eyes. From strong passwords and two-factor authentication, to disabling Bluetooth & avoiding public Wi-Fi networks – we’ve got you covered!

10 Terrible Ways Video Games Can Be Used to Violate Your Privacy

10 ways video games violate your privacy - privacy we

There is no denying that video games are the most popular form of entertainment around the world. Privacy is rarely a consideration. According to the Entertainment Software Association, over 66% of households, some two-hundred and eleven million people, in the United States own an electronic gaming device. With new games being released into the market […]