Burner Phones! Pt-5 ArriveCan App

In this short Burner Phones series, we’ll show you how to buy and setup a burner phone and beat the ArriveCan App. By the end, you’ll be a real James Bond burner phone pro.

Some of our Canadian watchers have asked about how to use a burner phone with the ArriveCan app.

The ArriveCan app cannot be trusted and is government spyware. It is rumored to install root-level tracking software that monitors Canadians even after the app is deleted.

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Is using a burner phone with the ArriveCan app illegal? No. You are meeting the requirements and so-called rules.

Using your burner phone for the ArriveCan app is simple.

Follow Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of this tutorial series. Use your real name and address instead of using a fake name for the phone and SIM.

Install and set up the ArriveCan app in the store before you leave. When done, power the phone off and if possible, remove the battery.

Prior to arriving back in Canada, turn off your regular phone and place it in your travel bag.

Turn on the burner phone and have it ready for clearing customs.

If you are required to quarantine, leave the burner phone on for the quarantine period. If Public Health calls, answer the call or you risk a home visit by Police.


If you are not required to quarantine, or at the end of quarantine, delete the ArriveCan app, reset the phone to factory set up, turn off the burner phone, and destroy and dispose of it permanently. Or sell it on Craigslist.

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