Burner Phones! Pt-4 How to Use A Burner Phone

In this short series, we’ll show you how to buy and setup a burner phone. By the end, you’ll be a real James Bond burner phone pro.

Step one: turn off your regular phone. Leave it at home or place it in a farady bag.

Step two: leave your home. Go to a far-away cafe, protest, or distant location away from your home. The farther away, the better.


Step three: if you use your car and it is internet enabled, park it as far away from your desired location as possible. Remember that if you fall under suspicion, it won’t take much effort to associate the phone to the car’s IMEI to identify you.

Step four: turn on the burner phone. Do not mention your name or any identifying or personal information while using the phone. Calls are recorded around the world. Be aware that smartphones can hear and record you even when the screen is locked and the phone is not in use.

Step five: when done, turn off the burner phone and if possible, remove its battery. Do this before returning to your car.

If you travel by air, bus, train, or cross borders, be sure to follow the same steps.

If you must travel with both phones, keep the burner phone off until it’s needed. Turn the regular phone off before using the burner phone, and put as much distance between the regular and burner phone as possible.

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