Burner Phones! Part 3 – How to Buy A Burner Phone

In this short series, we’ll show you how to buy and setup a burner phone. By the end, you’ll be a real James Bond burner phone pro.

You cannot use your regular phone as a burner phone. The IMEI and IMSI numbers will give away your identity and privacy.

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Select an electronics retail store in a different part of the city where you live that sells prepaid, unlocked phones. In the US or Canada, visit Walmart, Best Buy, Target, or Kmart.

You will pay with cash. If you withdraw cash from an ATM, do so the day before and from near your home. Withdraw more than you’ll need and do not visit an ATM in or near the store you’ll be shopping at.

Before visiting the store, leave your phone and other internet devices at home. Do not bring them with you.

If your car is internet enabled, do not drive it to the store. Take public transit instead.

Once at the store, purchase a PrePaid Smart Phone. They cost between $60 and $120.

Purchase a monthly pay-as-you-go SIM and traveler plan kit for as little as $15.

Do not register the phone or SIM in your real name or with your real address. Have a fake name and address ready.

Turn on, set up, and test the phone and SIM in-store. Shut the phone off, and if possible remove its battery, before you leave the store.

Next: Part four – How to use a burner phone.

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