Burner Phones! Part 1 – What’s A Burner Phone

Simply put, a burner phone is typically a cheap, prepaid mobile phone that is used infrequently and with great care, and can then be thrown away when it’s no longer needed or has been compromised.

Burner phones, when used correctly, protect the privacy and identity of the owner. They are a safety tool ideal for any situation.

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Two Types of Burner Phones

General Use

General use burner phones is what most people who are not overly concerned about anonymity as much as they are privacy from marketers, businesses, employers, banks, social media sites, or other services they don’t want to give their private information to.

An example is signing up for a social media account and being forced to validate a phone number. Or using online dating sites, or online selling sites like Craiglist or Facebook Marketplace.

Full Anonymity

Fully anonymous phones are used by whistleblowers, journalists, tipsters, protestors, activists, political activists, business people or academics carrying trade secrets or intellectual properties across borders … well, anyone who might be in danger if their identity or privacy is revealed.


Burner Phone Apps

Do not use burner phone apps. They only mask your phone number. They do not hide your IMEI or IMSI numbers from cell towers, law enforcement, or government agencies. They collect private data from you and sell it to third parties, defeating the whole point.

Next: Part Two IMEI and IMSI Numbers

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